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They are the undesirables, the no-hopers, misfits… the teenagers who don’t fit in, flunk every school test, and often end up on the wrong side of the law.

But these teens have a secret – they are secret agents for a mysterious international organisation, selected using secret tests… gifted with skills to tackle any threat to the world, anywhere and any time!


Developed from cutting edge technology developed after World War Two, Britain is in charge of a secret organisation – the Mindmerge Organisation Bureau – International Law Enforcement – employing young agents whose minds can be enhanced through MindMerge a technology developed by Professor Jonathan Kingston and then-biologist Daniel McReady.

MindMerge boosts a teenager’s natural abilities with the skills of sportsmen and women, military personnel and other specialists, literally writing those skills directly – albeit temporarily – into their brains.

How long a MindMerge lasts is dependent on a number of factors, but most especially age: the older you are, the shorter a ‘SkillSet’ is retained. So a 15-year-old might hold something for 24 hours whereas an 18 year old might only hold it for three. (Younger agents would hold the MindMerge even longer, but are used only as a last resort)

Based in a secret base in the Scottish Highlands, M.O.B.I.L.E. actively recruits teenagers – the only people who can use the MindMerge technology safely – by secretly running tests and challenges within computer and video games. Those with high scores in these tests are considered potential candidates. That no-one would miss them if they took up the challenge M.O.B.I.L.E. offers – is another recruiting factor.

The base is run by the prim, no-nonsense veteran soldier Jack Trent and Professor Jeff Phillips, who represents the shadowy organisation behind M.O.B.I.L.E. and now runs the MindMerge equipment.

Misfits from M.O.B.I.L.E. - Dogfight at sea

Art by Andrew Chiu

Every MOBILE agent has in their arsenal is a unique mobile phone equipped with cutting edge access to the world’s security networks, plus a built in taser and laser, a compartment for special weapons modules, five gold sovereigns and the ability to become a short weapon.

Each agent also has their own ‘gadget’ to complement the phone.


MOBILE splits its agents teams into groups of up to four to five.

TEAM GAMMA are the ‘Newbies’, led by a more experienced MOBILE agent. With Lauren Jackson’s ‘retirement’, Robbie Hudson is put in charge of Team Gamma – which often puts him at odds with the naturally independent Maisy Brown.

TEAM ALPHA are considered the best and most experienced but are also some of the oldest agents (Mia once led Team Alpha). Alphans close to ‘retirement’ are seconded to other teams as Leaders – Lauren Jackson for example.

TEAM BETA are the ‘Experimentals’, augmented not just by MindMerge but other cutting-edge technologies. This makes them the weirdest team and working with them is often dangerous and certainly lively!

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