Character Profile: Robbie Hudson

Robbie Hudson

Age: 15
Nationality: British

Character: A school tearaway. Although brave, his confidence has taken a knock after his first encounter with a Cybok and what happened to his field partner, Lauren Jackson. As a result, he prefers to keep himself to himself. With the enforced retirement of former team leader Lauren Jackson, he is now considered team leader – but lacks the organisational skills to make good of his command, which puts him up against the more confident Maisy.

M.O.B.I.L.E. Gadgets: Robbie wears a big Gok Wan ear ring and hip-hop medallion which acts as a sling weapon that is electronically charged to magnify its mass and force. He’s expert with ‘FlashBombs’ – devices intended to temporarily blind and confuse an adversary.

Background: Robbie was brought up by his single parent dad, who’s now in prison, His Dad is no criminal however – just a man who found himself in circumstances that he could not control. A ward of court, Robbie was easily recruited to MOBILE and is already operating in the field when Maisy and Sam join.

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