Character Profile: Maisy Brown

Maisy Brown

Age: 15
Nationality: English

A tough, independent and feisty character with a shrewd mind but a generous heart, Maisy doesnʼt have the word ‘canʼt’ in her vocabulary. Possessing lightning reactions and rarely showing any fear, her weakness is paying attention in lessons – or listening to advice. Above all, Maisy is a survivor.

M.O.B.I.L.E. Gadgets: Brooch, wrist bangle/s. The padded armour areas of her Operations Suit double as solar panels to power gadgets and devices. For example – her bangle activates gloves to become magnetic.

Background: When we first meet Maisy she’s living with her alcoholic mother, who although not overtly abusive plays emotional blackmail with her at every turn. The chance to get away from her is one she is happy to take.

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