Character Profile: Sam Thompson

Sam Thompson

Age: 15
Nationality: British

Character: The brains of the MOBILE team. Awkward, good looking with a natural vulnerability – but don’t back him into a corner, because he has the courage to fight back against a bully. Academically, he has the potential to be the smartest guy on the planet, but his inferiority complex and lack of self confidence – and a bullying father – has held him back.

M.O.B.I.L.E. Gadgets: Prefers to use intellect, keeps his gadgets small and discreet (He wears a necklace under his costume and a ring). He’s self conscious about all the paraphernalia that surrounds MOBILE operations.

Background: Sam is quite possibly the smartest guy on the planet academically, but wishes that he had Maisy’s guts. When we first meet Sam, he’s finally had enough of his father’s bullying, the sole reason for Sam’s inferiority complex.

Despite his insecurity, Sam is physically capable thanks to the encouragement from Maisy, but his strength is by far his brain. His private interest is dead / classic languages, such as Latin and Ancient Greek. He is a hero waiting for his moment.

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