Character Profile: Hannah Liu

Hannah Liu

Age: 16
Nationality: Chinese

Character: A technical genius who lives in own world, Hannah – the step daughter of Jeff Phillips, who runs MindMerge – has limited social airs because of hr upbringing and can be pretty insufferable. She has a tendency to be a bit flighty, regularly changing her wardrobe to suit her mood.

She’s a natural gymnast, so her own skills are often enhanced by more cerebral skills– for example, adapting or hacking software. She’s naturally good with all things mechanical, especially motorbikes.

Gadgets: Like her wardrobe, she switches gadgets and interfaces at whim, usually
between chopsticks to glasses to fighting sticks.

Background: Hannah’s early life is a mystery. The step-daughter of Professor Phillips who runs and monitors the modern MindMerge aspect of M.O.B.I.L.E., she’s seen as the most privileged of the team, and teased about it. But she has a bitter, sad past the victim of international terrorism with no memory of her real parents.

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