Character Profile: Mia Jones

Mia Jones

Age: 20
Nationality: American

Character: Strong, expert in diplomacy, sound judgment, loses temper in extreme situations. Her curiosity can lead to problems.

Gadgets: None special – Carries MOBILE pulse gun

Background: A former field agent, Mia was born in the United States but grew up the daughter of US embassy staff in England – so there’s little trace of her American heritage in her voice. She’s MOBILE’S recruitment officer and mentor – she acts as big sister to TEAM GAMMA. Usually based at MOBILE HQ, where she helps runs operations, but wishes that she could be operational in the field, but can no longer ‘hold’ a MindMerge.

Mia also works with recruiting new team members: she generally makes the approaches and is an expert in diplomacy. Mia’s judgment is sound, but she has the ability to lose her temper in extreme circumstances.

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